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Bicycle & Recumbent Services

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You love your bike and we want to make sure it rides for you like the first day you bought it!  Hostel Shoppe's experienced mechanics in our service department are ready to handle all of your bicycle repair and service needs, whether it's a simple adjustment, accessory install or a complete mechanical overhaul. We will get your bike back into top riding condition and get you back out on the road!  We service all bicycle brands and all types of bikes, including recumbent bikes and trikes, tandems, mountain bikes, road bikes, kid's bikes, plus more! 

Feel free to drop your bike off if you live in town, or if you are coming from out of town, call us to schedule an appointment (see Same Day Service below).  We are currently offering free local pick up and delivery of all service items within 15 miles for those that need it. 

If you have a service related question or would like to schedule a service appointment  give us a call at  715-341-BIKE (2453) or 800-233-4340 extension 312 or send us a message here:


Basic Service

Bikes that are in good shape but need a little TLC!

Bikes - $70.00, Trikes - $75.00, E-bikes/E-trikes/Tandems - $80.00

Service Includes:

  • Safety Check of All Components
  • All Bolts Checked for Proper Tightness
  • Brake Pads Resurfaced if Necessary
  • Brakes & Derailleurs Adjusted
  • Cables Lubed
  • Chain Inspected and Lubed if Necessary
  • Hubs and Headset Adjusted
  • Wipe Down Frame, Fork and Wheels
  • Wheels Spot Trued
  • Tires Checked and Inflated
  • Test Ride
**Parts & Installation Extra

Preferred Service

bestValue Finely tuned, sparkling clean & ready for the riding season!

Bikes - $110.00, Trikes - $120.00, E-bikes/E-trikes/Tandems - $130

Service Includes:

  • Safety Check of All Components
  • All Bolts Checked for Proper Tightness
  • Brakes & Shifting Adjusted
  • Derailleur Hanger Alignment
  • Cables Lubed
  • Chain Inspected & Lubed 
  • Hubs & Headset Adjusted
  • Wheels Trued
  • Tires Checked & Inflated
  • Removal of Drivetrain (cranks, chain, cassette, & derailleurs) to Clean
  • Clean Frame, Fork & Wheels
  • Test Ride
**Parts & Installation Extra

    Pro Overhaul

    Our most complete service

    Bikes - $200.00, Trikes - $225.00, E-bikes/E-trikes/Tandems - $225.00

    Service Includes:

    • Bike is Completely Disassembled, Inspected & Cleaned
    • Headset, Hubs & Bottom Bracket Overhauled, if Applicable
    • Precision Adjustments to All Components
    • New Cables & Housing
    • Test Ride
    **FREE Installation of newly purchased parts from Hostel Shoppe***

    Same Day Service Packages  

    We know your time is valuable and we know you don't want to be away from your bike or trike any longer than necessary. That is why Hostel Shoppe is now offering premier, Same-Day Service for bikes and trikes.  Booking your Same Day Service allows us to accommodate customers that may be coming from out of town and don't want to make a return visit to pick your bike or trike back up, for our racing and competitive riders that require immediate service before their next big event, or for our customers that rely on their trusty steeds for their primary transportation.  Because Same Day Service require the full focus of at least one mechanic for the duration of the repair and are done as a priority over other repairs, we are only able to commit to one Same Day Service Package per day. These appointments must be booked in advance.  Call 715-341-BIKE (2453) or 800-233-4340 or click on the link below to book your Same Day Service.



    Suspension Fork & Shock Services

    • Fork lower leg service (annual service)
      • $75 (parts included) 1-5 days
        • An oil change and cleaning for your suspension fork
    • Fork complete service (bi-annual service)
      • $150 (parts included) 1-5 days
        • A complete overhaul to make your suspension fork like new
    • Rear shock air sleeve service
      • $60 (parts included) 1-5 days
        • An oil change and cleaning for your rear shock
    • In-store suspension setup
      • $45 1 hour
        • Make an appointment with our certified professionals to learn about and dial in the suspension to rider’s weight, terrain and style making sure they are getting the most out of their suspension bicycle


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