Recumbent Sizing (X-Seam and Body Measurements)

Proper X-Seam Measurement

X-Seam Measurement Your X-seam measurement is essential when sizing certain recumbents. Many manufacturers have slightly different methods for measuring your x-seam. When ordering your recumbent from the Hostel Shoppe, be sure to use the method below: Place a 24 inch long board against a wall with the bottom of the board 12 inches from the wall. Sit on the floor with your back and butt against the board. Your X-seam measurement is the distance from the front of the board to the heels of your bare feet.

Arm Length/Seated Shoulder Height

Arm Length diagram

For arm length, sit with your back against the wall and shoulders in a neutral position (Extend your shoulders all the way forward, then push your shoulders tightly back against the wall - neutral is the comfortable position in between). Measure from the wall to your knuckles, as shown. For seated shoulder height, measure from the top of the shoulder bone to the floor, as shown.



Standing Shoulder Height

Standing shoulder height diagram

Measure from the top of the shoulder bone to the floor, as shown.













Inseam diagram

While standing against the wall, position a book or board snugly as shown. Make sure the top edge of the book or board is parallel to the floor. Measure your inseam as shown.