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Recumbent Testimonials

Donald S., Minnesota

Just wanted to thank you for your prompt and helpful information and to let you know I just placed an order for the wheel that you recommended.  Thanks again and I just wanted you to know how impressed I have always been with how helpful you always are and how quickly you get back to a customer's inquiry.  When it comes time to replace my bike I know where I will be going.  

Bruce P., California

Bruce P.
Here's what Bruce P. from California had to say about his new customized Volae Century: "I received it on the 18th (March 2014) in great shape and I now have a new schedule; work, ride. I just wanted to thank you for all your help and professionalism in making this bike a reality, you guy's nailed it on the fit, I mean I don't think it could have been any more 'dead on', I was a bit apprehensive about ordering a bike and getting a good fit online, I'm 'dazed and amazed' is that magic or just good mathematics, lol? Any way I'm loving it. I'd had some concern's about the gearing etc. and had read all the commentary on getting acclimated to a recumbent and yes it took a little but 40 mile's later I'm on the road climbing hill's and everything I was doing on my df. and the gearing is perfect. I live in a biker's 'mecca' for training with lot's of hill's and mountain's from 2% - 6% + grade's and this bike is heaven! I'm wanting to do some long and flat run's with it so I'm going to do the Santa Ana River Trail from Corona to Huntington Beach and then maybe hang a right and go to Long Beach (about 92 mile's from where I live). Anyway thanks again for the outstanding service, and building me my 'dream bike' that is so superb in every detail that I'm still 'numb', trying to grasp the idea that this bike is actually mine! Sincerely, Bruce.... "


David B., Arizona

Jessie, I've been meaning to email you. The recumbent arrived in perfect condition. I took it out for a 75 mile training ride this past Saturday. It rides like a dream. I made sure to start the ride before sunrise so I could test the lighting system. Wow. What a beam it throws.  I will be doing a 200K on Friday and another 200K on Saturday. This will be followed by a 600K on May 22/23 in Utah. I'll keep you posted, and send you some scenic photos of the Volae in action in the southwest.  Thanks again to you and the crew at Hostel Shoppe. I am impressed with the engineering and performance of the bikes you build, and your customer service is outstanding. I know I was very particular in how I wanted this bike set-up. Thank you for exceeding my expectations.  Stay Well, David B., Arizona


Tom R., Wisconsin

Tom R

Tom R

 Hi Rolf, Just thought I'd give you an update on our trip. Thanks to the Volae Venture Pro we are on schedule and having fun. We made it to Cody Wyoming this afternoon so all of our major western mountain riding is behind us. The auxiliary rim caliper brake worked well to avoid overheating the Avid Disk brakes. And the seat back bags have been an excellent supplement to our Ortlieb panniers. Our rig is often the focus of attention whenever we meet other bike tourists. In fact we get many questions and comments from non-bikers as well. 1,118 miles done with about 3,200 to go.  Thanks for all of your thoughtful help toward equipping and preparing us for this adventure.  Tom R. Wisconsin 


Dave H., Wisconsin

Dave Harney  Like many children, during my grade school years, except for winter, my bicycle was my constant companion. Bike riding was a joyful experience that gave me a sense of power and freedom – it allowed me to explore and expand my world. Once I realized an automobile driver’s license was on the horizon, I abandoned my bike like it was a dead raccoon and never thought about a bicycle again until I was in my early thirties and getting an ever expanding waistline. I rode a conventional two wheel diamond frame bike for the next 30 years. This time period involved many wonderful long distance bike tours and numerous one day events – including one double century ride and lots of 100 mile days. I was cycling two to four thousand miles a year – until arthritic problems in my neck, back and wrists brought my cycling to an abrupt halt. I nearly quit cycling but then found I could continue pain-free on a two wheel recumbent bike – my Volae kept me cycling and touring for the next 13 years and averaging about three thousand miles a year of pain-free fun and exercise. As I turn 77 years of age, I realize that my stability on a 2 wheel bike of any kind is becoming a concern – especially in heavy traffic conditions where quick reflexes are very important. I’ve now switched to a trike and expect another 13 years of great riding. I find a trike to be the most carefree and comfortable of all cycling machines and I have total control in any traffic situation. Because I expect to tour some long distances and good-sized hills, I equipped the trike with a Bionx electric assist. I see no reason to have the effects of aging get in the way of exploring and expanding my world. Dave H., Wisconsin Dave lives in Grafton, WI, and operates the Ozaukee Bike Routes website