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HP Velotechnik ErgoMesh Seats

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Redesigned in 2013, the HP Velotechnik Ergomesh seat offers recumbent riders a relaxed seating position, comfort and breathability.  The seat angle, seat pan length and back rest were all designed for maximum comfort and ergonomics.  Four sizes are available.

Product Notes & Sizing:

  • All seats have three mounting points and work on bikes and trikes from 2010 and later.
  • The ErgoMesh Standard Seat and the ErgoMesh X-large Seat are about 1.2" (3 cm) higher than the BodyLink seat.
  • The ErgoMesh Standard High Seat and the ErgoMesh X-Large High Seat are 3.1" (8 cm) higher than the standard height ErgoMesh seats.
  • For the Street Machine, if you want to convert an older BodyLink seat setup to the ErgoMesh seat setup, your BodyLink seat must have three mounts, and you will need to get the Street Machine Wide Handlebars for bikes with under seat steering to accomodate the ErgoMesh seat. You may also need longer cables and housings for the new wide bars.
  • For Scorpion trikes, if you want to add a High Seat (Standard or X-Large), you will need Long Handlebars.  You may also need new cables and housing for the longer bars.
  • Seat height from ground ErgoMesh Standard Seat and ErgoMesh X-Large Seat: 13" (32 cm)
  • Seat height from ground ErgoMesh Standard High Seat and ErgoMesh X-Large High Seat: 17" (43 cm)
  • Seat angle: 41–49° adjustable
  • Standard Seat and Standard High Seat are 15" (38cm) wide, 9.8" (25cm) deep (seat bottom) and 21.7" (55 cm) high (seat back)
  • X-Large and X-Large High Seat are 17" (43cm) wide, 11.8" (30cm) deep (seat bottom), and 23.2" (59cm) high (seat back)
  • More info at HP Velotechnik's website (click here).
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