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Andrea Peet, triker with ALS who participated in 50 marathons in each state, visits the Catrike factory in Orlando, Florida.

Shoppe Talk: Go On, Be Brave

Hostel Shoppe and Catrike are big supporters of adaptive cycling for people with a variety of disabilities.  Our goal is to help empower riders of all ages and abilities to fulfill their goals and cycling dreams.  We encourage you to go see this movie if it is in your area.

Andrea Peet, triker, on her green Catrike Pocket.

Witness the incredible true story of the first person with ALS to complete a marathon in all 50 states…on a Catrike! Given the terminal diagnosis of ALS at only 33 years old, Andrea Lytle Peet set a goal that should have been impossible.

Andrea Peet, triker with ALS, and a friend, at a marathon on her Catrike Pocket.

Celebrated by critics as “one of the great discoveries of 2023” the award-winning documentary GO ON, BE BRAVE is “a joyous ride we all need to take.”

A banner for "Go On, Be Brave", about Andrea Peet, a rider with ALS, completing marathon 44 out of 50.

You won't want to miss this inspiring story! The documentary will be shown throughout the nation on January 17th at 7:30pm. 

Find a theater near you.

Visit Andrea Peet's website.

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