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T-Cycle TerraTrike SeatSide Seat Mount Kit (Bottom of Seat)

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One of the biggest attractors for people when it comes to triking is comfort factor. Trikes make riding just that much easier, and when you're comfortable you feel as if you can ride on and on forever. So, why interrupt your comfort and pull over just to grab a snack out of your bag, when you could have it right in arms reach?

The Terratrike SeatSide Mount lets you carry bags, water bottles, cameras, all sorts of things, right by your side. Snacks, phones, lip balm, you name it, now you can keep it all within reach while riding.

This version of the SeatSide Mount for TerraTrikes attaches to the bottom of the seat frame. We make other versions that attach to the main frame tube. We recommend this version of the mount for people that simply want a good sturdy place to mount things beside the seat.

If you have a 3.X, Tour, Tour II. etc. with the seat more than half way forward, or if you want maximum versatility in where things are located, or need quick on/off removability, check out the main frame mounted version. On the 3.X and Tour, the handlebars come in right to the side of the seat when the seat is in the forward half of it's range, so we recommend the frame mount version for riders with a more foreword positioned seat. All other trikes, and 3.X/Tour trikes with the seat in the back half of their adjustment range, can use this mount.


  • This product only includes the mount itself and mount hardware. Bags, cages, and other accessories are sold separately.
  • This product does not fit the Gran Tourismo. We can special order this version.  Call us at 800-233-4340.
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