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Hase Pedal Pendulum w/Shorteners

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Original price $274.00
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The Hase Pedal Pendulum w/Shortener is the perfect solution for riders with limited range-of-motion in one or both knees. They allow the rider's foot to move in a smaller circle which requires less bend at the knee. In combination with its built-in Crank Arm Shortener, there are three adjustments to fine-tune the pedal to meet the needs of your knee.  Sold singly.  Crank arms and pedals are not included.  Select Left or Right.

Product Notes:

  • Crankarms may need to be modified for dependable operation
  • Fits crank arms up to 41 mm wide and 16 mm deep
  • Fits pedals with a standard 9/16" spindle
  • Crank arms and Pedals not included
  • Black
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