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HP Velotechnik ErgoMesh Orthoflex Seat Cushion Set

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Perfectly Tailored Ergonomics for the HP Velotechnik ErgoMesh and ErgoMesh Premium Seats.

The basic elements of the OrthoFlex® technology are four highly breathable cushion blocks made of open-pored polyurethane material. They can be individually cut to size. You simply insert these 3D cushions into the side pockets of the seat, align them according to the shape of your back and close the pockets with velcro.

This fixes the four elements in a non-slip position. If the alignment is not yet as desired, one is easily able to readjust the cushions while sitting: Simply take a seat in ErgoMesh or ErgoMesh Premium, open the velcro fastener and optimize the cushion position.

OrthoFlex® was originally developed with orthopaedic specialists for use in the Gekko fxs children’s bike that grows with the child. But why should only the youngest benefit from such smart technology? Combine the advantages of the simplest handling and maximum flexibility to get the greatest possible adaptability.

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