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T-Cycle Catrike SeatSide Mount Kit Main Frame Tube Double Sided

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New Design

One of the great things about triking is how nice it is to have everything right at hand as you roll along. With a SeatSide mount, you can have all sorts of things close at hand.

The Catrike SeatSide Mount lets you carry bags, water bottles, cameras, all sorts of things, right by your side. Snacks, phones, lip balm, you name it, now you can keep it all within reach while riding.

The mount attaches to the main 2" tube behind the seat, and then the included arms can be attached to one side, the other side, or both sides of the seat, providing you with lots of capacity and versatility.  The arms can be easily removed to make the trike smaller for folding or transport.

Important:  NOT recommended for use with the Dumont, 700, or Expedition.

Note:  This product only includes the complete double-sided mount. Bags, cages, and other accessories are sold separately.  Mount accepts accessories with a standard 7/8 inch (22.2mm) clamp size.

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