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T-Cycle Battery Mount For ICE Rigid Trikes

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This T-Cycle made Battery Mount for ICE Trikes comes with a shelf drilled to allow the mounting of many different batteries. Batteries are dense and difficult to carry. This mount lets you attach your EBO, Falco, Bafang, BionX, Neodrives or other battery to your ICE trike down low and out of the way. In fact, it lets you put the battery so out of the way that you can fold the trike with the battery attached!  Down low is important for handling and stability—you don't want something as heavy as a battery on top of a rear rack. And out the way means you still get full use of your rear rack if you have one.  If you have been struggling with how to carry your battery, this elegant, simple solution is what you've been looking for!

Product Notes:

  • The attachment mechanism and the mount itself are designed to carry batteries weighing up to 20 lbs (9kg).
  • Works on ICE trikes with 20" or 26" rear wheels.
  • All parts machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and black anodized. All fasteners are stainless steel.
  • The primary attachment is to the fender strut tube. A pair of clamps attach another sideways tube. A mounting plate goes up from outside the chain up to the rear rack attachment point. A shelf attaches the the bottom of the mounting plate to hold the battery. The shelf is drilled and tapped to accept bottle boss batteries and the BionX downtube mounting rail, but other batteries can be easily mounted. The Ansmann battery system is designed to attach to a vertical plate, so it doesn't need the shelf at all. Batteries in nylon packs can be strapped to the shelf and to the vertical plate.
  • T-Cycle also makes adapter plates for the BionX Type R (rear rack) and Falco batteries, since they have such different mountings.
  • The battery Shelf is 6 x 3.25in (15.25 x 8.25cm) and has 15 M5x0.8 threaded holes for attaching batteries or battery adapter plates. 13 of the holes are in 2 rows with bottle boss spacing used by many batteries.
  • Mounting hardware are provided for the rear rack attachment point for trikes with and without a rear rack.
  • Both the vertical plate and the shelf are made from 1/4 inch (6.35mm) thick aluminum. This means it is both very sturdy and easily drilled to modify needed for your particular battery system.
  • Compatible with all rigid framed ICE trikes from 2010 onwards. T-Cycle makes different kits for the ICE suspended trikes. Earlier rigid trikes may work, but haven't been tested. This mount is very specific to the ICE trikes, so it won't work with other brands. T-Cycle has a Universal Battery Mount that works on nearly all trikes, but doesn't work with the fold on an ICE trike like this ICE specific mount does.

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