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T-Cycle Flag Grommet For Catrike Flag Mount

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This handy little T-Cycle Flag Grommet fits into your Catrike Flag Mount and grips your flagpole, helping to keep it from falling out. It's that simple! It wedges into the upper window in the flag mount and grips the pole. It gives a nice amount of grip, enough to keep the pole from bouncing out but not so much that it's hard to get the pole in and out when you want to. Super simple and super effective.

How does it work?

  • It's rubber, and it works by fitting into the upper window in the mount. The pole is exposed there, and the rubber grips it and keeps it from sliding out.

Installation Instructions:

  • Simply snap it in most of the way with your fingers, then use a flat bladed screwdriver to pop the rest of the ring into place. You can do it with the mount still on the trike, but it's easier on a workbench. Then, insert your pole. You will be able to feel how it grips the pole on the way in and the way out.


  • T-Cycle searched all over for this particular grommet. It's an odd size, considerably thicker than most. The thickness is needed to mate up with the flag mount.
  • Neoprene rubber for durability and long life.
  • Sized specifically for the machined Catrike Flag Mount, which is sold separately. If you have a different mount, you might need something else.


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