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T-Cycle Windwrap Bubble Spring Clear Fairing

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This is only the fairing bubble.  The mounting hardware and clamps are sold separately - see Product Notes below.

As with any Windwrap fairing, the SPRING Mini Fairing is a game changer. Once you strap this minimalist piece of engineering genius onto your cycle, your feet won't know what happened to them. Behind the clear (or tinted, for that extra sun-blocking flair) protective bubble, your all-important peddlers will be nearly immune to the weather outside. The SPRING is also amazingly easy to put on and take off. Wrap it in a Fairing Cover, take it with you in the car, pop it on your cycle with ease, ride to that extra beautiful sunset, and then find yourself still able to stand and walk around, since your feet aren't numb, damp and cold.

Fairing Fit Chart:

  • To determine if this is the right fairing for your trike or bike please see the Fit Chart.
  • Please call us if you have any questions about fit and what parts you need at 800-233-4340.

Product Notes:

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