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T-Cycle Easy Racer Idler Kit Return Side Elite

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The Easy Racers Return Idler Kit allows you to get rid of that old stock S bend jockey wheel setup or fixed chaintube, and mount a high quality TerraCycle Return Idler directly to your existing idler tab. You'll find the upgrade is smooth, easy to maintain and ultra durable. Installation is super easy, especially if you're only replacing a chaintube. The tensioner has more parts to take off, and you should do a quick chain length check. On most bikes, you won't need to change anything, but on bikes that were set up with a bit of extra chain, you may want to shorten it by 1 or 2 sets of links. A quick shift into the big-big combination and you'll know.

  • The Elite version uses an Elite Series return idler, with a see through CNC machined aluminum core and hybrid ceramic bearing.
  • The mounting hardware on all kits is made from CNC machined aluminum, anodized black. All the hardware is stainless steel. The idler shaft is a precision ground stainless bushing supported on a 6mm bolt. The chainkeeper is made from a special abrasion resistant molybdenum disulfide impregnated nylon supported on a 5mm bolt.
  • No particular maintenance is required. Wiping down the idler every once in a while is a good idea. As long as you take a little care to keep solvents and detergents from getting into the bearing, everything will last for a long time. If you ever do want to replace the bearing, it is very easy to do. It is a standard sized 608 bearing (skatewheel bearing) which is very common and easy to find.  This idler will last tens of thousands of miles. This is a very durable, basically carefree idler kit.
  • Compatible with all known versions of the Tour Easy, Gold Rush, Ti Rush, Fold Rush, S&S coupled Ti Rush, and Taiwan (Sun) Tour Easys. We can also do idlers for the C-Rush, etc. if you don't already have a T-Cycle idler stock on your bike.
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