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Hostel Shoppe - Bent Ray Visor

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SKU: 39528

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Imagine driving your car without a sun visor. How bad would that be? Yet, that’s what most recumbent riders do all the time. The Bent Ray Visor can be installed and adjusted to keep the sun out of your eyes when reclined on your recumbent. Made of a layer of carbon fiber bonded to a layer of fiberglass, the Bent Ray Visor is rigid enough to stay where you want it even at high speeds. The fiberglass layer also keeps the carbon fiber from shattering on impact. Attaches securely to your helmet with zip ties, which won’t come loose (like glue does) when the helmet is in your car on a hot day with the windows rolled up. Includes visor and three sets of zip ties.

Here's what George and Sue S., from Waukesha, WI had to say about the Bent Ray Visor:

"George and I ride Catrikes and we love our Bent Ray Visors! It protects our noses from the sun without interfering with our full recumbent view. I love that it fastens so securely there is no movement, no vibration, no fear that it will fly away on a windy day. Finally a visor I can put on and forget about!"